No More Brown Stains Streaming On Your Pets’ Faces!

All-Natural Dog and Cat Eye Wipes (120pcs)

All-Natural Dog and Cat Eye Wipes (120pcs)


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Will Your Pet Encounter The Following Problems ? 

Serious dog tear stains

Dog eye boogers

Dog Eye Discharge & Itch

You can easily clean their eyes with the help of these All-Natural Dog and Cat Eye Wipes.  

Keeps pets’ eyes clean - No more brown stains streaming on your pets’ faces! With these wipes, you can remove and soften mucus secretions, discharge, tear stains, dirt, and other debris instantly.

Easy to use - Using the wet wipe, gently clean the area surrounding your pet’s eye. Get another wipe to clean the other eye to avoid contamination. You can use this daily so your pet stays clean and safe from eye infections and irritations.

Pet-safe - These stain busters require no rinsing and contain no bleach, antibiotics, or harsh chemicals. Made of natural materials like aloe extract and non-woven fabric, it’s 100% safe for your four-legged best friend.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Pleasantly Surprised!

"It does clean well. I have 4 dogs and i have been using it with them. you can use it on their ears and foot as well. nice and safe product for your furry pets."   - Marian L.

Amazing Product!

"Good packaging. The cap comes sealed so the wipes don't dry. I already tested them and it cleans pretty good. I have 2 dogs and my wife has her cat. So this product is perfect for us. It cleans pretty good and it seems that our pets are more happy."   - Michelle P.

Great simple product!

"Thank you seller. I already tested it out to my big dogs and yes, it easily removes the boogers around their eyes,. Also it can clean their ears and feet. I recommend this item because it easily removes the dirt that are hard to clean especially those that are stuck in between their toes but not anymore. SO all in all great cleaner. THANKS" - Anna K.

Product Specification

Package includes: (1) All-Natural Dog and Cat Eye WipesMaterial: Water + Non-woven Fabric + Aloe Extract + Cetylammonium Chloride + Polyhexamethylene GuanidineWipes size (per piece): 5 cm/ 1.96 inchesColor: WhiteQuantity: 120 units/ bottleQuality guarantee period: 24 months

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